DevOps Asia Summit 2023

DevOps Asia Summit 2023

(A Hybrid Event)

Digital Transformation in the Cloud – Reliable and Secure Value Delivery

(Intelligent and Efficient Outcomes using DevSecOps, SRE, OpenSource, AIOps/MLOps, DataOps, and Blockchain technologies in a Sustainable manner)

8AM to 6PM (SGT), FRIDAY, 10th FEBRUARY 2023

Venue - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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Notable Speakers

Notable Speakers

Great Learnings from Global Industry Leaders

Interactive Sessions

Interactive Sessions

Amazing Session Talks and Panel Discussions with Prominent Speakers

Sponsor Booths

Sponsor Booths

Sponsors showcasing their products, including Interactions with the attendees

Fun Sessions

Fun Sessions

Exciting DJ Party, Superb Hosting, Yoga Session, Make Your Own Cocktail and Mocktail

Xellentro works with organizations on a continuous transformation journey to reduce costs, boost security and accelerate time-to-value and be sustainable by building team capabilities through our consulting, experimentation, and knowledge offerings. Xellentro helps organizations in adoption of and adapting to New Ways of Working with respect to DevSecOps, SRE, VSM, AIOps/MLOps etc.
Xellentro India, the parent company of Xellentro Pte Ltd has been organizing DevOps India Summit for last 5 years which is well recognized by the global DevSecOps and SRE practitioner community for its quality deliverables across the globe. Techstrong Group is an omniversal tech media company covering IT industries and practices that are re-shaping the world of technology, specifically, DevOps, cloud-native, cybersecurity and digital transformation.

DevOps Asia Summit is being launched as a flagship DevSecOps and SRE event from Xellentro Pte Ltd in partnership with Techstrong Group.  This event is intended to become the Face of Asia and especially Face of Singapore. The objective is to showcase the good work done by practitioners in the ASEAN region by bringing together the thought leaders and practitioners at one single platform to share their knowledge, interact with peers across the globe and contribute to building a community that promotes the right ways of implementing DevSecOps and SRE in order to generate secure, reliable and sustainable business outcomes for its customers, partners and employees.

This knowledge sharing helps in upskilling the practitioners of the region to be ready to take up new assignments and bridge the ever-widening skill gap.

Why Attend?

  1. Improve your knowledge by listening to the real case stories.
  2. Upskill yourself and your team to get the best out of your transformation learning from the Global Experts.
  3. Hear the speakers on the future and trends.
  4. Network within the Industry.


Today every organization is a Tech-Organization. We are trying to deliver Value to Customers, Business and Employees. In this world, to survive, we need to Innovate. This requires us to practice New Ways of Working. Security is crucial to every organization. Organizations also need to give back to the society and hence Sustainability is becoming order of the day. Hence, this event is covered under 3 tracks.

Track 1

Digital Transformation : The DevSecOps, SRE, VSM Approach

(This track will have speakers sharing their knowledge and experience on how they are using concepts like DevSecOps, SRE, VSM to change their ways of working in order to deliver value better and faster.)

Track 2

Digital Transformation : Reliable Value Delivery with Latest Technologies

(We need to use technology to be more proactive and efficient in our operations. This track  will feature talks on how technologies like AIOps/MLOps, Data Science, Service Mesh, Blockchain etc have enabled more efficient and intelligent delivery of outcomes.)

Track 3

Digital Transformation : Secure & Sustainable Systems

(Security and Sustainability are 2 critical aspects of Digital Transformation.  This track will have speakers talking about  Cybersecurity challenges and way forward. We will also learn how sustainability can be approached in terms of architecture, choice of tools, infrastructure  etc. which helps in lowering carbon footprints.)

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Other Speakers

More Speakers to Come ...

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