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DevOps and SRE implementation

DevOps and SRE implementation

How the Current Products are being adopted and helping DevOps and SRE implementation

An Industry Leader panel discussion was conducted on 4th May where the topic of discussion was – “How the Current Products are being adopted and helping DevOps and SRE implementation”. The panel speakers included Harshil Vyas, Jeff Keyes, Gopinath C H, Maneesh Sharma, Logan Daigle, Yasha Dabas, and Mehdi Daoudi, who interacted with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri.

These speakers discussed on the product roadmap for the new normal way of working; what are the changes to be expected/needed in the products to enable such decentralized ways of working in order to help organizations be ready.

Panel Members

Logan Daigle
Director of DevOps Strategy & Delivery,, USA
Jeff Keyes
VP Of Product, Plutora, USA
Harshil Vyas
VP of Engineering and India Country Head, Sumologic, India
Maneesh Sharma
Country Manager, GitHub, India
Yasha Dabas
Transformation and Client Journey lead, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
Gopinath Ch
Principal Group Program Manager, Microsoft, India
Mehdi Daoudi
CEO & Co-Founder, Catchpoint Systems, Inc, USA

Highlights of the Discussion

  • With the current practices of DevOps and SRE being adopted by various product organizations, how is it helping in managing the current scenario by using the product people?
  • How the DevOps and SRE are being practiced in the Indian market?
  • How do you see the adoption of value stream management is happening?
  • How leaders should handle the management of this change in the process? How they should integrate them in the current scenario and what kind of automation has helped them in the incidents?
  • How the product is helping organizations abroad to bring visibility, not only from the inside the office scenario that is the server-side of it but also from the end-user monitoring perspective?
  • What is all about, what is it going to provide and how it is going to change in terms of giving something more to the practitioner?
  • How Sumo Logic products are happening in terms of bringing out these aspects for the IT landscape?
  • What are the best practices to recommend from the security and observability perspective?
  • How security and observability are helping in this situation?
  • How do we bring in more security, more observability in the whole pipeline, and extend it to production?
  • How do we include more in the dependency management part of it to take care of the aspects like security and observability?
  • How can we provide better tools and solutions for in-hand practitioners?
  • How AI-based monitoring systems helps along with the development, security, observability throughout the production?
  • How application performance management works and helps in the security and observability aspect?
  • What do you think is the skill sets like the people should start preparing themselves for, to carry on doing with whatever they’re in the current situation?