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DevOps Security with Marc Hornbeek

Continuous Security with Marc Hornbeek

Exploration of Continuous Security with Marc Hornbeek

Continuous Security with Marc Hornbeek

In our latest book reading session held on 17th June, Marc Hornbeek read from his book - Engineering DevOps - From Chaos to Continuous Improvement and Beyond, about engineering practices for Continuous Security. He also discussed the significant practices to improve security in engineering, and understanding security requirements.

Panel Members

Marc Hornbeek - DevOps India Summit 2021 Virtual
Marc Hornbeek
CEO of Engineering DevOps Consulting

Highlights of the Discussion

  • What is the meaning of the term ‘continuous security’?
  • Why is continuous security important?
  • How does it work with DevOps?
  •   How can chaos engineering be tuned to security?
  • What is version management & how does it work in securing code?
  • He showed the security blueprint that he has created in the book?
  • What are the key engineering practices that organizations can use to ensure that security is integrated into value streams and pipelines?
  • How do we bring a separate security team to come & work together with a DevOps team where they do & make it into a DevSecOps team?
  • How much is designing security important into the system, from the application point of view, & designing from the infrastructure?
  • How do the internal threats being taken care of in the current situation?