Gamification Devops Workshop



In this experiential learning activity, the gamers will be challenged to do activities, and it will be demonstrated how introducing DevOps practices will help them break up silos, focus on value and deliver fast!

Pre-requisite for Participation

The participant must have registered with DOIS21 to participate in this game.

Event Schedule

  • Day/Date/Time: Saturday/August 07, 2021                                                7.30 PM – 9 PM (IST),    10:00 AM – 11:30 AM (EST)
  • Host – Garima Bajpai
  • Instructor – Steve Zheng
  • Phase 1: Presentation by Steve Zheng:
    What is lead time and why does it matter? (How fast we can deliver – 30min)
  • Phase 2: Team Formation and Rules Presentation:
    Group participants to form Teams and present the rules – (30min)
  • Phase 3: Game Starts:
    Activity by the participants
  • Phase 4: Presentation by Steve Zheng:
    Explaining the activity outcome with reference to how team activity requires a DevOps mindset, technologies, and practices:
    • DevOps Mindset: Break Silos
    • DevOps Tech: Automation Testing, Configuration Management
    • CI/CD: DevOps Practices
    • C-POP: Focus on values, but not on tasks
Note: This workshop is sponsored by Capital Carbon Consulting. The participants will get Free Ticket to DevOps Summit Canada.