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How DevOps and SRE are Helpful

How DevOps and SRE are helpful in the current crisis

How DevOps and SRE are Helpful in the Current Crisis

The DevOps Ambassadors Panel Discussion conducted on April 23, covered the interaction between Dr. Niladri Choudhuri and the panel speakers – Biswajit Mohapatra, Anurag Sharma, Savinder Puri, Tracy Ragan, Nadeem Augusteen, Romnick Acabado, and Vinay Babu Umesh who talked more about how DevOps and SRE are so much supportive in the existing crisis & going to be mandatory post-pandemic stage. They’ve contributed on their individual inputs on the ongoing situation and the way DevOps and SRE will be of great help to the operations team in future!

Panel Members

Nadeem Augustine
COO, Amarico, South Africa
Tracy Ragan
CEO & Co-Founder, Deploy Hub, USA
Savinder Puri
DevOps evangelist, Zensar Technologies, UK
Vinay Babu Umesh
Technical Staff, Technical Leadership Committee, Dell Technologies
Romnick Acabado
Applications DevOps Leader, Lingaro
Biswajit Mohapatra
Executive Director & Global Delivery Leader, IBM
Anurag Sharma
IT service delivery management professional, DevOps, SRE evangelist, Zensar Technologies

Highlights of the Discussion

  • How has DevOps and SRE assisted organizations in the current scenario, in different countries like India, Europe, South Africa, US, UK and others.
  • How are the certain aspects of DevOps like empathy, collaboration and sharing helping people to deliver much more in a constrained situation during this lockdown?
  • How automation in DevOps has helped organizations to communication in a better way.
  • From technology point of view, is there need to have changes in the existing set of tools and products that are being currently used in the delivery, whether you call it a CI CD pipeline or beyond, and what are those changes?
  • What are those required skill sets for the employees that are going to be more important for the industry in post-pandemic situation?
  • The best practices that are being implemented in organizations in current crisis?