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Implementation of SRE In Current And Future

Significant Thoughts on Implementation of SRE In Current And Future

Implementation of SRE In Current And Future

SRE in current and future

A compelling panel discussion was conducted on April 28 where the topic of discussion was “SRE in current and future”. The six speakers who were an integral part of this panel included Yury Nino Roa, Vijay Vardhan Panthgani, Archana Joshi, Aniket Sharad, Yeshavanth Nanjundappa, and Rajalakshmi Shrinivasan, while they interacted with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri.

The panel speakers discussed on how SRE helps in current virtual situation where the organizations are practicing it & how it is going to be significant for the future way of working

Panel Members

site reliability engineering
Aniket Sharad
Manager- SRE, Adobe Experience Platform
site reliability engineering
Archana Joshi
Global Head- Engineering Transformation, Larsen & Toubro Infotech limited
site reliability engineering
Rajalakshmi Srinivasan
Director- Product Management, Zoho Corporation
site reliability engineering
Vijay Vardhan Panthagani
Senior Manager, Technical support, Citrix
site reliability engineering
Yeshavanth Nanjundappa
Engineering Leader- Site Reliability, Technical Operations, Product Management & Customer Success, Pegasystems
site reliability engineering
Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Aval Digital Labs
Engineering Leader- Site Reliability, Technical Operations, Product Management & Customer Success, Pegasystems

Highlights of the Discussion

  • What do we mean by SRE? What is its role?
  • Do you think that the organizations who are practicing SRE was able to adapt to the current situation better than the others who are not doing?
  • How SRE is helping organizations in other parts of the world to adopt to the current crisis and manage it better than those who have not implemented SRE?
  • How important is the monitoring that is helping in our managing the current decentralized situation where people are working from home and not in office?
  • Has the automation made SRE easier to change over to the way of working now?
  • How is one managing operation with cloud, virtualization, containers, and how to follow SRE practices there? How is it helping in a greater way?
  • What is chaos engineering and how can we practice it to be ready for similar crisis in future?
  • Is SRE playing a role in making things better from the security perspective? Will the SRE people be using security chaos engineering in their work?
  • How do we see that monitoring extends further into observability?
  • In the distributed system, how does observability become much more important? Are we also looking at observability from the point of view of security?
  • What is the area that is creating the maximum amount of toil for the SREs? And is it different in the current situation?
  • Is this the right time for the organizations to start building certain tools from the SRE point of view?
  • In the serverless kind of situation, what are those specific monitoring aspects and how to use them to upskill themselves?