Implementing DevOps and Dojo


Importance of Dojo: Challenges faced and how to overcome them

Implementing DevOps and Dojo

An interview session was conducted on October 29th with Ross Clanton, in conversation with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri. Ross Clanton discussed on how to implement DevOps and Dojo effectually. He also talked on the significance of Dojo and the challenges faced and what are the steps to be taken to overcome them effortlessly.

Ross Clanton is the Chief Architect, Managing Director- Technology Transformation at American Airlines. He is also leading the organization that builds and runs the core infrastructure which powers AA.  He has led multiple technology transformation and innovation initiatives during his career. He is passionate about DevOps and is an influencer across the technology community.  His passion stems not only from the fact that DevOps improves business outcomes, but that it can also improve engagement and overall happiness of people working in technology.

Panel Members

Ross Clanton
Chief Architect, Managing Director- Technology Transformation at American Airlines

Highlights of the Discussion

  • With the current pandemic situation, is there going to be some difference in the way people will be implementing or require implementing DevOps and SRE?
  • How well are we using technology to do that collaboration based on the concept of colocation?
  • How did you bring in your Agile momentum to move towards DevOps momentum, and become that collaborative, that flexible into any kind of a flow?
  • How have you started off with the dojo, and why did you do it? What gives rise to that?
  • How do you bring them together with the system integrators in the value delivery? Do you use Dojos to bring them there?
  • With respect to DevOps, and how to use DevOps down the line? How to use Dojo in improving?
  • Why should organizations go for dojos? And how you have seen value out of that? And how should they start getting into this dojo implementation?
  • How should organizations who do not have dojo should start getting into the dojo?
  • What are the top challenges that people should be aware of before getting into it?
  • How would be the future of DevOps and dojo?