Interview with Bryan Finster on Value Stream Management, Dojo

Interview with Bryan Finster on Value Stream Management, Dojo

Interview with Bryan Finster on Value Stream Management, Dojo

We conducted an interesting interview session with Bryan Finster on “Value Stream Management, Dojo and his experience of implementing these” on January 21, in conversation with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri. Bryan discussed on - Importance of Value Stream Management in software delivery; Value stream management to measure DevOps performance; Significance of Dojo with DevOps, SRE practices; and his implementation experience on this in various organisations.

Bryan Finster is the Staff Software Engineer, Walmart Labs. He has been a software developer since 1996 developing supply chain solutions for many large enterprises. He is a passionate practitioner and evangelist for the principles, technical practices, metrics observability, and culture of community sharing, and learning required to improve organizational outcomes. He currently leads a DevOps Dojo for a large enterprise which focuses on helping teams’ transition to a continuous flow of value delivery using immersive learning techniques.

Panel Members

Bryan Finster

Highlights of the Discussion


  • In organizations where things are changing, do you at all see that there is change in the way of handling or working with the SIs, or whether the SI have changed their modalities of delivery.
  • How do we get into the value stream management and why it is important? What are those specific things that is to be highlighted in terms of value stream management?
  • How do you see Agile coach helping in the adoption of people thinking more in terms of their entire value stream and looking at the end customer, what satisfies that?
  • How are the different initiatives like Agile, DevOps, SRE likely to converge into one; what we need to do to provide, to create or rather co-create that value for the customer.
  • How do we tie observability into the whole value stream?
  • Do we need to look at observability not only from the technology aspect, but also from the process and people?
  • How does a Dojo work, and how it is important, and how do you get your organization, whoever it is to invest in dojo?
  • Is it that more virtual dojo will be the way to go rather than one physical location?
  • How do we look at transformation? Should it be transformation? Or should it be evolution in the way that we are trying to do things?
  • What are the top five metrics that we should look at?
  • What does productivity mean to you?
  • How do we bring in that concept of a change in the mindset of the people to start owning security?