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Expert’s Talk On Leadership Challenge

Leadership Challenges

Leadership Challenge in Current Situation

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak situation where the whole world is worried about this pandemic, and also their businesses taking a huge setback in the market; a panel of top DevOps experts have decided to share their thoughts on the current Leadership Challenges, what the Leaders need to be prepared with for the future new way of working and how DevOps and SRE plays a role in it. The panel experts have discussed about the challenges, learnings and the way forward from Indian and Global Perspective!

The session was moderated by Dr. Niladri Choudhuri.

Panel Members

Marc Hornbeek - DevOps India Summit 2021 Virtual | Register Now
Mark Hornbeek
CEO at Engineering DevOps Consulting
Sanjeev Sharma - DevOps India Summit 2021 Virtual | Register Now
Sanjeev Sharma
Author at DevOps Adoption Playbook
Nivarti Jayaram
Nivarti Jayaram
VP, Head of Transformation, Societe Generale
Padma Satyamurthi
Delivery Director, Cprime, Inc
Nithyanand Mehta
Nithyanand Mehta
General Manager & Vice President, Catchpoint
Naresh Choudhary - DevOps India Summit 2021 Virtual | Register Now
Naresh Choudhary
Vice President, Infosys
Mahesh Raut
Mahesh Raut
Lead Tech Solution Specialist, BMC Software
Garima Bajpai
Garima Bajpai
Strategy Execution Manager
Anuj Pruthi
Anuj Pruthi
Senior Director, Lowe's Companies, Inc
Archana Joshi
Archana Joshi
Global Head- Engineering Transformation

Highlights of the Discussion

  • According to the Indian perspective, what are the big changes happening and how is the operations being handled remotely?
  • Looking at the recruitment, the skill sets and the process, what are the changes that is going to be more critical down the line?
  • How the Business Continuity Plan is playing a role in the organizations for bringing profits?
  • From the user monitoring point of view, what is the experience faced and being a product company, how it works.
  • What are the new challenges this crisis has brought to the remote office work in abroad?
  • How are the leaders handling this situation and what are the changes they’re making from the work point of view and communicating with their employees?
  • How are the clients responding in a consulting company?
  • How is security putting impact on the performances?
  • How does the remote work change in terms of the technology, in terms of the engineering in the CI CD pipeline and the architecture?
  • How to suggest your clients, your organizations to change the paradigm?
  • From the technology point of view, do you think that tools also need to bring in more features which will support the new way of work?
  • What is the thought process of changing the infrastructure requirements?
  • What is cross skilling and upskilling and how these are going to be handled?