Reading Challenge

DOIS21 Reading Challenge

There are three types of people in the world- People who have loved reading as long as they can remember, people who slowly grow fond of reading with time, and then there are People who seldom read a book in their lifetime, especially after the end of their formal education. In this fast- paced IT world, people are gradually losing connect with books. 

To encourage reading amongst IT professionals, DevOps India Summit 2021 presents DOIS21 READING CHALLENGE for the participants. In this contest, we are challenging the Book Readers to create and publish a post on their LinkedIn Page and win prizes for motivating the connects to read more.

The LinkedIn Post should mention the list of all the books on DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, AI/ML/IoT and Data Science that you have read till date along with the  photo of the Cover Page of that one favourite book (from the list) which you would like to recommend to other readers with a one liner on what you liked about it. Post this on your Linkedin and tag #DOIS21. 

STEP 1: Create the List of books on DevOps, DevSecOps, SRE, AI/ML/IoT and Data Science that you have read till date. 

STEP 2: Click a photo of the Cover page of your Favourite book from the list. 

STEP 3: Create a line about the value or learning that you derived from that book.

STEP 4: Go to Your LinkedIn page. Click create Post, upload the cover photo.

STEP 5:  Copy paste the list of books and the one liner about your favourite book.

STEP 6: Tag @DevOps India Summit – An Xellentro Event along with #DOIS21

STEP 7: Post

Prerequisite for Participation: The participant must have registered with DevOps India Summit 2021. If you have not registered yet, Register Now.

Contest Schedule: Saturday, Aug 14th 2021- Sunday, Aug 22nd 2021