Significance of DevSecOps

How DevOps and SRE are helpful in the current crisis

Significance of DevSecOps - Today and Tomorrow

Significance of DevSecOps – Today and Tomorrow

DevSecOps is highly trending in recent times, that’s why we had come up with a panel discussion on “DevSecOps – Today and Tomorrow” that was held on April 24. The speakers who contributed to the panel included Mark Miller, DJ Schleen, Caroline Wong, & Simone Curzi, and it was conducted by CEO of Xellentro Consulting, Niladri Choudhuri.

The top DevSecOps Leaders discussed about the role of DevSecOps playing an important part; how people are practicing DevSecOps and what more they can do to get the utmost benefits in the competitive world of software development, by adopting a DevSecOps mindset!

Panel Members

Simone Curzi
Principal Consultant, Microsoft Consulting Services
Caroline Wong
Chief Strategy Officer,
Marc Miller
Senior Storyteller and DevSecOps Advocate, Sonatype; Co-Founder, All Day DevOps, Sonatype
DJ Schleen
DevSecOps Advocate, Sonatype

Highlights of the Discussion

  • What is DevSecOps? Also, how is it helpful in adopting DevSecOps practices?
  • What will it make people like developers and testers to really embrace security as part of their job and responsibility?
  • How do the leaders in their organization or wherever consulting, engage the developers, testers and architects to embrace security?
  • Is security about only the things that we do in the product and whatever we are developing or do you think it extends further to mix with the GRC part of it?
  • Importance of social engineering now.
  • What are the things around security that goes beyond technology?
  • How the aspect of security becomes much more important even after the offices might open for the employees in instalment?
  • If DevSecOps be no longer be optional, but it will be mandatory, do you agree on not!
  • Explain about the DevSecOps Reference Architecture, and also discussing on the technology side of the tools!