SRE & It’s Evolving Challenges

SRE & It's Evolving Challanges

SRE & It's Evolving Challanges

SRE & It's Evolving Challenges

We had a thought-provoking panel discussion with our industry leaders - Biswajit Mohapatra, Helen Beal, Mark T. Peters II, Craig Pearson & Felipe Duenas, in conversation with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri on June 12 where the topic of discussion was “SRE and its Evolving Challenges”. They talked on what are the SRE best practices and tools applied in businesses in the current scenario; how SRE is implemented effectually; what are its challenges and how is SRE applied to overcome them; how does infrastructure, security, monitoring and maintenance play their individual roles in the software services!

Panel Members

Cybersecurity & Intel expert, Agile Leader, DevOps Ambassador, Author & Speaker, Technica Corporation
Ambassador at Continous Delivery Foundation, DevOps Institute
Director - Creative Agile Partners
Executive Director & Global Delivery Leader, IBM
DevOps Institute Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Highlights of the Discussion

  • What is SRE?
  • What do you find as people looking at SRE automation?
  • How do you start off SRE from your consulting point of view for your organization?
  • What people are looking at when they talk about SRE?
  • What are those SRE activities that the leaders should be doing and what are the skill sets?
  • How security related to SRE and the DevSecOps comes into play together?
  • How does continuous security implementation necessitate system design approach in the entire lifecycle?
  • Is there a maturity model available for SRE?


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