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The New Challenges faced by Agile Practitioners in the current scenario

New Challenges faced by Agile Coaches

Panel Talks on New Challenges faced by Agile Coaches

The New Challenges faced by Agile Practitioners

We’ve recently conducted an interesting panel discussion with our Agile coaches on Thursday, May 28. The expert Agile speakers in this panel included - Sudipta Lahiri, Deepti Jain, Rahul Sharma, Sharmila Patwardhan, Anu Ravi and Niranjan Limaye, in interaction with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri. The panel speakers discussed on few points like: How Agile coaches are managing the current situation and what are the challenges they’re going through; New practices and tools they’ve implemented in Agile practices; What are the new changes in the way of coaching and Agile framework; How differently Agile is working on security aspect, etc. Watch video here.

Panel Members

Anu Ravi
Banking Sector, India
Deepti Jain
Founder Agilevirgin, Community Outreach Focal, Agile Alliance, India
Niranjan Limaye
Agile Transformation Lead, USA
Rahul Sharma
Agile Coach & Trainer, Think Agile, South Africa
Sharmila Patwardhan
VP, Agile Coach, Banking Sector, India
Sudipta Lahiri
Head of Engineering, Digite, Inc.

Highlights of the Discussion

  • What you really think an agile coach is; what is that person expected to be doing?
  • How do Agile coaches help in bringing that out from the whole organization cutting across the silos?
  • Do you think that the Agile coaches help in building that trust across the team and also beyond the team and how do they do that?
  • What should be the skill set of an Agile coach?
  • How does an Agile practitioner going to help in an organization which is looking at or has started an SRE initiative? Or should they be also part of that?
  • How will the #AgileCoach help the team in taking the shared accountability of even the reliability in terms of security?
  • While looking at security user stories, Incident Management user stories, new feature user stories, how do the Agile coaches help the product owners in grooming from a single Product Backlog?
  • As agile practitioners and coaches, do you think there is a need for changes in the various frameworks that you are following to accommodate all this new norm?