What is DevSecOps & its Implementations & Challenges

What is DevSecOps

Importance of DevSecOps & its Implementations along with its New Challenges

An interesting interview was conducted with one of the biggest experts on DevSecOps, John Willis on June 9 in interaction with Dr. Niladri Choudhuri. The topic of discussion was on the “Importance of DevSecOps & its Implementations along with its New Challenges”. They also talked about how DevSecOps stands significant in the current scenario; how to execute DevSecOps effectively in the IT business; how to effortlessly build in information security and set an ideal plan for security automation; what are the DevSecOps strategies for determining risk tolerance and conducting a risk/benefit analysis!

Panel Members

John Willis
Senior Director Global Transformation Office – Red Hat

Highlights of the Discussion

• What is DevSecOps & thoughts of starting DevSecOps as another movement?
• How does an organization start getting into DevSecOps?
• What do we have to do to get holistic conversation of security in all this fast monetization processes?
• How important and mandatory is it to practice DevSecOps?
• How does the SREs play their roles in DevSecOps?
• What will be the first 10 steps that leaders should do to start getting into implementing DevSecOps?
• What are the typical challenges that comes up when implementing DevSecOps?
• Is it necessary for those framework organizations to start thinking of building in the security aspect into their frameworks?
• What is the recommendation to all the practice practitioners of DevOps and SREs?